Avb Public School: Celebrating young talents while rekindling the flame of knowledge


Every child is unique, and so is education. With a holistic view of education in our minds, we inculcate knowledge by fostering a positive environment for the kids. Like food, shelter, or air, education is one of the basic amenities on which humanity should stand. With this view in the head, we have opened the best primary school in East Delhi for igniting a lifelong pursuit of learning, discovery, and expression in the minds of every child.


We tend to build a robust foundation by strengthening the non-cognitive and cognitive abilities


A school that is focused on only academics manufactures book worms. We develop young, dynamic minds that will be the future of our society. We enable and encourage self-evaluation to exceed one’s own level of excellence. To make every child ready for becoming a future-ready global citizen, we integrate values of compassion, caring, and etiquette.


We instill resilience, life-skills, and creativity to help students make a positive difference in society. While empowering our students to inspire and enrich each other, our laser-focused curriculums nurture 21st-century competency skills and creativity. We take pride in being the best primary school in East Delhi because we help every child to channelize their energy in the right direction and harness their hidden interests skills, passion, and purpose.


Our approach towards teaching-learning


At AVBPS, we connect the children to the age-old values that unite them with our roots. While equipping young minds with 21st-century skills we help them to stay connected with our rich heritage and values. Staff and faculties and AVBPS align the competencies and thought processes of students with the fast-changing global scenario and teach them the value of being a proud Indian on the face of a mighty globe.


With our well-engineered educational framework, children learn to be creative, aspirational and commitment-oriented at a stage that is crucial for the retention of thoughts. We teach the importance of mindfulness to students and imbibe them in positive thinking to help them balance studies and life and to create an optimistic atmosphere.